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Archive for November 2015

Five Foods for Arthritis Symptoms


Elderly Care in Laguna Beach CA Arthritis is a painful joint condition that affects many elderly adults today.  It causes painful inflammation (swelling) and stiffness of the joints and can prevent elderly adults from doing physical activities that they once enjoyed.  The good news is that arthritis can be treated and there are many ways…

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Caregiver Awareness: Broken Heart Syndrome


Caregiver in Costa Mesa CA Everyone has heard the phrasing “broken heart” and heard about people dying of a broken heart, but most people think that this is just an exaggeration. As a family caregiver, it is important for you to realize that this is not only possible, but it does occur in approximately two…

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Difficult Senior Care: What Do Your Parents Know About Identity Fraud?


Senior Care in Tustin CA Today’s seniors are more active, engaged, and connected than ever before. While keeping your elderly loved ones involved in today’s technology is a fantastic way to enhance your senior care journey by allowing them to maintain a higher level of independence, stay connected with their friends and family, and take…

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