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Archive for December 2017

Here’s What We Know About Parkinson’s Disease

Home Care in Seal Beach, CA There have been many famous figures including the Michael J. Fox, Billy Connolly and the great Muhammad Ali who have struggled with the neurodegenerative disorder called Parkinson’s disease. The disease was first discovered by a British doctor named James Parkinson back in 1817. It has remained a challenging problem…

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The Holidays and the Elderly

The Holiday Season: A time for reflection and assessment Holiday season is upon us. Families are gathering for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years, sharing laughter and happy memories. But for families coping with elderly loved ones, the holidays can be bittersweet times, filled with concern, stress and frustration. Many elderly people live alone with…

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The Art of Healthy Aging

Home Care In Irvine Aging is an inevitable and inescapable aspect of life. It’s a biological process encoded in our DNA and there  are no two ways about it. Aging “well” however, is entirely in our control. It is important to feel your best and be healthy irrespective of your age. The key is to…

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3 Tips to Care for Your Elderly Parents

Care for the elderly in Laguna Woods When it is time to reciprocate the love and care to your aging parents, one can be met with emotionally complex challenges. Tending to your elderly parents at home is not always an easy task as one usually anticipates. In order to avoid being caught off guard with…

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Home Care & Parkinson’s Disease

Home Care in Newport Beach Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a disorder of the central nervous system that effects movement. PD can hinder the simplest routine tasks like bathing, eating and dressing. It is a brain disorder characterized by tremors and difficulty with movement, walking and coordination. It affects the part of the brain that controls…

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