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Archive for February 2018

Healthy Aging

Growing older does not mean you have to be ill or unhealthy. Although it’s just a myth, it’s still widely accepted nonetheless.  Don’t have to wait until you are elderly to start living healthy. Starting early will give you a head start and makes maintaining your level of fitness easier. During the aging process, your…

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Therapeutic Benefits Of Pet Ownership

Pet owners know the valuable bond they can form with their animal. Having a pet companion can be a wonderful therapeutic experience for elderly people.Pets, especially dogs are incredibly receptive of their owner’s feelings and resonate with them. They get excited when they sense you are excited. If you are feeling melancholic, they feel doleful…

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What You Need To Know About Senior Fraud Scams

Home Care in Newport Beach, CA The elderly tend to be more trusting of people and makes them easy targets for fraud. A crucial factor that makes seniors the ideal demographic for fraud artists is that as people grow older, they tend to want to believe in the goodness of people which leaves them more…

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