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Home Care in Huntington Beach CA

3 Tips to Care for Your Elderly Parents

Home Care in Huntington Beach CA For many, taking care of elderly parents at home is their true calling in life. Having your parents grow old is a time for a confusing transition. The parents, who were once the shot callers, now have to give up a certain degree of independence and the child has…

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Aging in Place: Home Modifications

At Home Living Solutions As a provider of home care services we are always looking for ways to help our clients and their families.  As people age, become disabled or are rehabilitating from surgery they are often confronted with a home or an apartment that no longer provides them with a safe environment to live…

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How Home Care Can Help You Cope with a Combative Parent


Home Care in Huntington Beach CA It is not uncommon for seniors coping with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia to develop negative behaviors in the later stages. One of these behaviors can be aggression, or becoming combative during normal care activities. The Alzheimer’s Association notes that this type of aggression can come in…

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