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Caring for Elderly Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease

It takes a lot of energy and attention to care for an elderly relative with a physical disability.
Even more challenging is taking over all the daily tasks for someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that destroys brain cells and affects a person’s memory, their behavior, and their ability to think and reason.


Homecare in Costa Mesa CA: Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease

Homecare in Costa Mesa CA: Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease


Family caregivers that look after an aging loved one with Alzheimer’s disease needs all the help they can get.

That’s why the resources available during National Alzheimer’s Disease Month are so relevant. There are plenty of tips on caring for elderly adults with Alzheimer’s disease that family caregivers can adopt to help them provide the best care for loved ones.

One of the best ways that family caregivers can manage all the challenges that come with their responsibilities is to hire senior care providers to help. The professional senior care advisors do everything from housekeeping and meal preparation to helping the aging adult with self-care duties like dressing and grooming. With a network of supportive people, elderly adults with Alzheimer’s disease have people they can always rely on to care for them when they need it most.


Here are some of the best tips on caring for elderly adults with Alzheimer’s disease:


Create a Schedule

Due to cognitive decline, big changes can be difficult for aging adults to handle. They often panic or become more disoriented. By creating a schedule and a daily routine they can count on, family caregivers and senior care providers establish stability that makes seniors feel more secure.


Proceed Slowly and Carefully

Elderly adults with Alzheimer’s disease can get agitated over small things and when they sense family caregivers and senior care providers getting frustrated with them, it can make things worse. Support people should always take their time, avoid spontaneity and keep calm no matter how irrational the elderly adult is acting.


Reduce Distractions

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease get confused easily and too much activity can make them irritated or afraid. Family caregivers and senior care providers can take steps to reduce distractions, such as turning off the television during dinner or avoiding large crowds during outings.


Encourage Independent Actions

Even though elderly adults with Alzheimer’s disease are primarily dependent on family caregivers and senior care providers, they should still be encouraged to do things for themselves. From choosing between two shirts, setting glasses on the table for dinner or helping to fold laundry, seniors may respond positively to simple decisions and tasks.

Without a doubt, it’s a real challenge to care for elderly adults with Alzheimer’s disease. However, with the information and resources available to all family caregivers during National Alzheimer’s Disease Month and beyond, at least they will be well-equipped to handle the responsibility with strength and compassion.

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Dan Segal

Dan and Yvonne Segal are the owners and operators of Optimal Senior Care Solutions. Dan is a 25 year veteran of the Healthcare Industry and Yvonne is an instructional aide at Meadow Park Elementary School in Irvine.

Both Dan and Yvonne had personal experiences with the needs and challenges of caring for aging parents. They saw the need for a high quality professionally run yet personalized service to deliver the type of experience that they had a hard time finding.