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What is Cholesterol and Is It All Bad?

Homecare in Mission Viejo CA: Cholesterol Education Month

Homecare in Mission Viejo CA: September is Cholesterol Education month. While most people know that high cholesterol is a problem, they may not know much about the condition and how it affects the body.

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Foods to Avoid with Kidney Disease

Home Care Services in Mission Viejo CA: Foods To Avoid With Kidney Disease

Home Care Services in Mission Viejo CA: When an older adult is diagnosed with kidney disease, the doctor may advise them to make dietary changes to keep the kidneys from suffering further damage. The kinds of changes the doctor suggests may depend on the type of kidney disease and the amount of damage.

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5 Signs of Potential Trouble for a Loved One with Atrial Fibrillation


Caregiver in Mission Viejo CA Being a family caregiver to a loved one who has atrial fibrillation can be a little overwhelming. Because the condition involves irregular heartbeats, it can be difficult to know when your loved one is in a bad place, medically speaking. Understanding some of these symptoms and your own loved one’s…

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