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Foods to Avoid with Kidney Disease

Home Care Services in Mission Viejo CA: Foods To Avoid With Kidney Disease

Home Care Services in Mission Viejo CA: When an older adult is diagnosed with kidney disease, the doctor may advise them to make dietary changes to keep the kidneys from suffering further damage. The kinds of changes the doctor suggests may depend on the type of kidney disease and the amount of damage.

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Why be a Minimalist – Less Clutter

Home Care in Newport Beach, CA If we see around the world, more and more people are adopting the minimalist lifestyle. This lifestyle has been around for a long time, but it is gaining popularity day by day now. People are now more aware that less is more. All the things that we value around…

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Reverse Mortgage: Advantages and Disadvantages for Seniors

With the current state of the economy, it is becoming more and more difficult for retired Americans to count on their retirement funds and savings to get by.  To solve those problems, a lot of seniors are turning towards a reverse mortgage. Reverse Mortgages have helped a lot of seniors across America, but it might…

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Elders: Signs You Should Stop Driving

As you grow older, you may need to change your driving practices or seek alternative methods of transportation. Old age comes with its risk factors and it’s important to learn about safe driving practices. Driving does give you a sense of purpose and independence; however, you can get it through other modes of transportation as…

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4 Ways to Prevent Social Isolation

Withdrawal. Loneliness. Isolation. Thoughts about death. Feelings of uselessness. Sadness. All these are part of the equation of growing old. Studies have linked withdrawal and loneliness with health implications, such a cognitive decline, hospitalization and frequent falls. It’s common for senior citizens to feel left out, isolated and unwanted. Here are some ways how you…

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Reducing Your Risk of Developing Dementia

Dementia Home Care in Laguna Woods, CA Dementia is one of the most common medical conditions old people are afflicted by. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the leading causes of dementia all around the globe. In the US alone, 5 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Its overwhelming prevalence has caused many people to believe…

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4 Myths about Alzheimer’s

Home Care for Alzheimer’s in Laguna Woods Alzheimer’s disease is an illness that affects millions of people around the world. In the U.S alone, an estimated 5.5 million people have Alzheimer’s disease. As common as this neurodegenerative disease is, there are a lot of myths about it that many people believe. Let’s take a look…

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Dementia and the Holidays

Optimal Senior Care Solutions is pleased to support this presentation. We will have a tabletop display with information on our Dementia and home care services and we  will be providing refreshments. David Troxel lives in Sacramento and has become nationally and internationally known for his writing and teaching in the fields of Alzheimer’s disease and long-term…

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Dementia Care: Quarterly Series for Professionals

Three 1 -Hour Quality Training Modules for Professionals Optimal Senior Care Solutions is pleased to support this very informative class. Alzheimer’s of OC is conducting a series Quarterly training sessions comprised of 3 training classes for professionals in the field of dementia care. They focus on Communication and Connection with Individuals who have Alzheimer’s, managing Dementia-Related…

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2017 Alzheimer’s of Orange County Legal Workshop

Home Care in Newport Beach When possible, advance planning should take place soon after a diagnosis of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.  People with early-stage disease are often capable of understanding many aspects and consequences of legal decision making. However, legal and medical experts say that many forms of planning can help the person and his or…

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