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Arthritis can show up in a variety of forms. Osteoarthritis can be a result of old injuries or simply as a part of aging. Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system issue in which the body starts to Senior-Care-Newport-Beach-CAattack its own joints. No matter what type of arthritis your loved one is battling, there are some symptoms that are common to all of them. Learning how to cope with those symptoms can help your loved one to get a bit of relief for a painful condition.

Pain in Joints and Muscles

All forms of arthritis involve pain in the joints and often the muscles around the affected joints. Pain levels can range from mild to severe, even causing your loved one to be unable to perform regular daily functions. This can add frustration to the layers of pain that he’s already facing. Your loved one’s doctor may recommend methods to control the pain which can involve exercise or medication. Massage can also help with arthritis pain, because it helps to relax the muscles and loosen joints.

Swelling around Joints

Along with pain around the joints, your loved one is also likely to experience swelling. Sometimes redness and heat can accompany this swelling, which adds more discomfort. Heat or cold therapy can help with inflammation, but your loved one can also make changes to his diet that can help to keep swelling under better control. Talk to your loved one’s medical team about other tactics that can help your loved one’s particular form of arthritis. Swelling may be worse first thing in the morning or after periods of long rest, so it’s important that your loved one is gentle with himself during the times when swelling is worst.

Stiffness While Moving

Between the pain and the swelling, your loved one’s movements can be stiff and uncomfortable. He may feel so bad, in fact, that he doesn’t want to move at all. Your loved one may also experience a diminished range of motion when the symptoms are at their worst. Exercise can actually help, even if movement hurts a bit at first. Your loved one’s elderly care providers can show you exercises and stretches that can help to get his joints moving more readily again.

Dealing with arthritis symptoms is never easy, no matter what type of arthritis your loved one is dealing with. Patience and a consistent routine can help, though.

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