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When your elderly loved one is first diagnosed with high blood pressure it may seem that there isn’t much that she can do. Fortunately, exercising even a little bit can do quite a bit to lower blood Senior-Care-in-Mission-Viejo-CApressure and to help your loved one to feel much better. Here are some tips for implementing an exercise plan.

Talk to Your Loved One’s Medical Team

Exercise is typically part of the treatment plan for anyone with high blood pressure, but always make it a point to talk to your loved one’s doctor before starting an exercise program or adding different types of exercise to her routine. That way you can ensure that she’s healthy enough for exercise and that the activities you’re planning are right for her current abilities. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Make Exercise a Habit

Exercise is much easier to stick with if it’s a regular part of your loved one’s daily routine. In the beginning, this might include gentle stretching and light walking. As your loved one becomes more active, she may be able to walk faster, walk longer distances, or even take up more energetic exercises. If you’re not able to be there during the day, then talk to your loved one’s senior care providers about working exercise into her routine. Your loved one will be able to reap all kinds of benefits from regular exercise, including lowering her blood pressure and possibly even being able to sleep better.

Choose Activities that Your Loved One Enjoys

Try to find activities that your loved one already enjoys so that the exercise feels more fun and less like work. If your loved one enjoys nature walks, incorporate them with a walking program that gradually helps her to get her heart rate up more effectively. Riding bicycles is another activity your loved one might enjoy. If getting out on a regular bike isn’t an option, try a stationary bike instead. It isn’t quite the same, but it can be just as enjoyable if it’s already something that your loved one likes to do.

When to Stop Exercising

If your loved one starts to feel weak or dizzy, she should stop exercising right away. The same goes for chest pain or a sudden lightheaded feeling. Contact your loved one’s doctor right away. He may want you to test your loved one’s blood pressure right then to make sure that it hasn’t dipped too low. Regardless, your loved one’s safety is the most important aspect of getting some exercise and that includes knowing when to stop.

Exercise can help your loved one to cut back on blood pressure medication and keep her blood pressure at manageable levels.

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