Staying active is a challenge for everyone, particularly as colder weather sets in. Safety is also something many seniors are concerned with as they explore options to stay fit indoors. An 80-year-old woman recently decided to tackle this problem by creating her own exercise program online. Keep reading to find out what she did, and to learn tips for staying active at home.

Keep it Moving

A woman has taught exercise classes at a community center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio for the last 13 years. Now 80 years-old, Ms. Duck says she started to lead exercise classes for herself and her friends. The exercise routines she uses are from professional workouts that she modifies for her friends to do.

Before COVID-19 hit, she led up to 25 of her friends in exercises every week. The purpose of doing them is to keep the body moving and to enjoy the activity together.

Virtual Classes

After COVID-19 made it impossible to hold classes, Ms. Duck turned to a virtual solution. She now creates her own workout videos and posts them to Facebook. She also uses the platform to socialize with viewers.

Ms. Duck recognizes that everyone has limitations and that’s why she creates workouts that focus on movement rather than weight loss because she doesn’t want anyone to fall or hurt themselves.

Exercise Tips for Home Exercise

Dr. Amanda Lathia from University Hospitals recommends that people should listen to their bodies and recognize their limits. If you get tired or short of breath, rest, and then try again later. As you do more exercise, you’ll build stamina and it will get easier. Simply walking is enough to get moving. Doing so for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week is recommended.

Regular movement helps improve conditions such as joint pain, heart disease, and diabetes.

If you want to follow Ms. Duck’s exercises, look at the Cleveland Heights Park and Recreations page on Facebook

Staying active can be difficult, especially in the colder months. But having a companion with you participate in exercises can make it easier. Companion caregivers at Optimal Senior Care Solutions are ready to help seniors with exercise and other activities in Newport Beach and Orange County, CA. Reach out to us today!