“There are many challenges in running a home care agency. These include finding and retaining excellent caregivers and maintaining a true on duty 24/7 operation capability. Joining the Honor Care Network will enhance our ability to provide our brand of personalized care as we continue to grow.”
Dan Segal
Optimal Senior Care Solutions

Why we joined the Honor Care Network

By partnering with Honor, our back office just got bigger, faster, and more efficient. Now we have the operational advantages of a larger company, which gives us more time to focus on what we love doing-taking care of our clients and meeting their care needs.

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Better for Our Clients

In addition to our ongoing personalized care management, now we can offer our clients other valuable benefits:

  • Superior care reliability and on-time performance
  • Expert trained caregivers, thoroughly screened and background checked (same as before, just a lot more of them!)
  • The Honor Family App for easier scheduling of care
  • Detailed care notes from your caregiver available to you after each visit
  • 24/7 “On-Duty” Care Team support. (Not an after hours answering service who then has to wake up an on-call person to deal with scheduling or call-offs)

Better for Our Caregivers

Our partnership also helps our caregivers. Now we can provide them with more opportunities and professional benefits:

  • Consistent employment with eligibility for benefits
  • 24/7 Care Team support
  • Honor’s Care Pro App to help them be even better caregivers

Working with Honor Works for Us

Before joining the Honor Care Network, we made sure that Honor’s values and standards were aligned with ours. Today, we work closely with the Honor team to ensure that all of our clients get the best possible care.

Honor now handles:

  • Caregiver recruiting and training
  • Scheduling care for our clients
  • Regulations and compliance issues
  • Billing and invoicing

We continue to handle:

  • New Client Intake
  • Care management
  • Assessing new client needs
  • Nurturing our client relationships
  • Local eldercare community outreach

About Honor

Honor is the largest home care provider in the San Francisco Bay Area and one of the fastest growing in the country. They’ve invested at unprecedented levels, developing advanced operational capabilities to deliver care with exceptional quality and reliability. By partnering with Honor, we can take advantage of their sophisticated technology, resources, and operational expertise-and share them with you.