Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-06-22T15:22:09-07:00
What is home care?2019-09-22T06:48:59-07:00

Home care is non-medical services provided in your home to help maximize your independence, including help with personal care, homemaking, companionship, and help older adults manage the details of daily life. Our caregivers can also assist individuals who are recuperating at home after illness or hospitalization. Services are provided on an hourly basis up to 24 hours a day (includes live-in type arrangements). Our home care services are flexible and responsive to your needs.

What services are included?2019-09-22T06:48:59-07:00
  • Assist individuals with maintaining proper personal hygiene, such as bathing, laundry services, personal grooming, and other similar tasks.
  • Assist individuals with cooking, everything from shopping for groceries to actual meal preparation.
  • Remind your loved ones to take their medications on time.
  • Caregivers can transport individuals to events, run errands, and take care of shopping duties.
  • Assist with housekeeping and maintenance around the house.
Can you help people in assisted living communities?2019-09-22T06:48:59-07:00

Yes! We can provide care for you wherever you currently call home, including in an assisted living community.

How much does home care cost?2019-09-22T06:48:59-07:00

The cost of hiring a caregiver will depend upon the type of assistance you need. Home care services are charged per hour from $26 to $30 per hour and can be provided 4 to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 4 hours being the minimum. Depending upon your needs, home care is often the least expensive approach when compared to assisted living or nursing home costs.

Does medical insurance cover the costs?2019-09-22T06:48:59-07:00

Medical insurance does not reimburse for non-medical home care services. Many Long Term Care Insurance Policies cover this type of expense. Certain US Veterans may also qualify for assistance through the VA Aide & Attendance program.

Who are the caregivers and what are their qualifications?2019-09-22T06:48:59-07:00

All our caregivers (who we refer to as Care Pros) are registered with the California Department of Social Services as HCAs (Home Care Aide). They undergo an extensive background check that includes FBI & DOJ fingerprint database check in addition to other criminal background and DMV checks.

Care Pros must also receive initial and annual training. Many hold additional credentials such as a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) and HHA (Home Health Aide). They are W-2 employees meaning that you, the client is relieved of all employer tax and other liabilities.

How do I choose a caregiver?2019-09-22T06:48:59-07:00

Our experienced Client Services and Care Coordination team will work with you to assess the needs of both the client and his/her family, and then will match an appropriate Care Pro based on skill set, experience and personality.

What happens if the caregiver cancels or is sick and can’t work?2019-09-22T06:48:59-07:00

Our operations center is on duty and staffed 24/7/365 and will find a suitable substitute Care Pro.

Can I stop service at any time?2020-06-22T15:23:43-07:00

Yes. To cancel a scheduled shift we only ask that you provide 24 hours notification prior to the start of the shift.

To cancel the service agreement we require 72 hours notification.

These exclude cancellation due to hospitalization or other critical emergencies.

How soon can someone start?2019-09-22T06:48:58-07:00

As a general rule it takes a minimum of 24 hours to find an appropriate Care Pro.

How do I get started?2019-09-22T06:48:58-07:00

Starting with a phone call, we will ask some basic questions and if home care is deemed appropriate, we will schedule a face to face meeting to conduct an assessment of the client’s condition, living environment, personality, and immediate and ongoing needs.


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