Researchers found that nearly 90% of people over 65 prefer to age in place. Aging in place offers many benefits, such as comfort, family, pets, social engagement in the community, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to maintain dignity and independence. Staying in your home can improve seniors’ physical health by improving their quality of life. Furthermore, it protects them from the bacterial and viral risks common in senior living facilities, reducing their risk of serious illness.

The concept of aging in place

The concept of aging in place refers to the choice someone makes to grow old in their current residence instead of moving into an assisted living or long-term care facility as they age. Creating a plan, modifying the home, and establishing a network of family and home care services are essential to aging. Affordable, accessible, and suitable housing options also allow older adults to age in place and remain in their communities for many years.

Does Aging in Place Make Sense for You?

Many seniors prefer to stay in a familiar setting. However, aging in place isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Maintaining independence as we age and our health declines can be increasingly challenging. Every person’s situation is different. You must evaluate and be realistic about your circumstances and weigh the benefits of aging in place with loneliness and depression experienced by many seniors living alone.

Four key benefits of aging in place.

Aging in place can provide peace of mind. Seniors can maintain independence and feel empowered by bringing caregivers into their homes as needed. There are several benefits. Here are four of them.

●    Provide Comfort

It’s impossible to compare one’s home to anywhere else. The familiarity of your home, your favorite chair, your mattress, the temperature, and the smells all contribute to your comfort. Also, seniors in nursing homes may have to deal with a non-choice roommate in a semi-private setting. Unlike many live-in facilities, aging in place offers the comfort and privacy of a home.

●    Slow the Advancement of Memory Loss

Memory loss is a scary prospect for many people as they age, and moving into a new environment, particularly an institutional environment, can exacerbate the problem. Keeping your current social network and increasing social network connections can slow the decline in cognitive function as long as you stay in your community.

●    Strengthen Your Social Network

Aging in place allows seniors to maintain and expand their social networks. As well as allowing seniors to stay close to friends, it also allows them to host their social events.

●    Enhances self-determination

Doing what you wish in retirement is essential since you’ve spent most of your life working. Seniors who stay at home have more freedom and control to decide what they want to do and how they want to do it.

Final Words

“Aging in Place” refers to staying in your home as you get older. Older people can protect their peace of mind, comfort, and self-confidence by spending their last years at home. You can find help to continue living independently by following the tips above. But so is planning for the care you need at home in the near future. Optimal Senior Care Solutions provides in-home senior care services to seniors in Orange County and Newport Beach, CA. Reach out to us to learn more about our services. Additional information and resources can be found at The National Aging in Place Council..