Smartphones and devices are a central part of most people’s lives including seniors. Technology has advanced and offers benefits designed to help improve our lives. Here is an overview of apps that help the elderly improve or accomplish daily tasks.

Magnify with Light

Ever needed to read the small print of a manual or book without glasses or a magnifying glass? Magnify with Light uses your smartphone’s camera lens and flash to help you see the fine print with a light mode and a dark mode from your phone. It will even allow you to take a picture for closer inspection. The app is available on iPhone and Android.


If you’re an AARP member, there’s a dedicated app designed to help manage membership, see its benefits, track rewards, and discover local discounts in the area. The app also features local events and allows membership to be renewed from it. AARP’s app is available on iPhone and Android.

Google Maps

This popular app can help seniors navigate to new places by car, public transit, ride share, and on foot. It also offers a solution to a common problem; finding where you parked your car. If you leave your location services turned on always, Google Maps will put a blue pin on the map when you arrive at your destination. Apple Maps also offers this feature for iPhone users.


Medisafe is available for iPhone and Android. As the name implies, the app is designed for medication reminders. It reminds seniors to take their medicine, refill their medications and will warn of potential drug interactions.

If set, a family member can be notified if a medication is missed and remind their loved one to take it. The app keeps a record of your medications making it easier to show to physicians if needed. Most importantly, seniors will know when they take a dose which minimizes the incidents of taking duplicate doses.


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