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Aging is an inevitable and inescapable aspect of life. It’s a biological process encoded in our DNA and there  are no two ways about it. Aging “well” however, is entirely in our control. It is important to feel your best and be healthy irrespective of your age. The key is to cope with the changes that take place around you without having them take a toll on your mental and physical well being. These changes might include a spontaneous change in careers, reaching your retirement, the children leaving home, loved ones departing or even spotting your first few grey hair.

Coping with the transition of aging

What’s most challenging about coping with changes as you age is the potentially overwhelming number of changes that take place. In order to sustain your physical and mental health, you need to include  positivity to balance out the negative changes. The transition that takes place around your 60s and beyond has to be coupled with adaptation from your end, which means finding new interests, staying connected with your loved ones and keeping physically active. Too many of us have embraced the idea of aging with a decline in health or disability. This is totally wrong. Even though there are diseases that are more likely to occur as one ages, it does not mean old age has to be accompanied with wheelchairs and poor health. There are numerous examples of elderly people who pro-actively go after their physical health. Whether you are young or old, staying physically healthy enables you to enjoy life to the fullest.

How to stay physically fit in old age

There are preventive measures that you can take to promote your health such as eating healthy and exercising. Both of these simple practices can help you manage stress as well as changes in a better way. Additionally, these healthy habits can certainly reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases or sustaining injuries. You don’t have to force it though. A great way to keep your body engaged is to find yourself a retirement sport that you love. If you haven’t, you can have a ball finding one! It could be anything but you need to be able to enjoy it so it does not feel like work or a monotonous task that you have to do every day. Playing a game that you like will help you reap the physiological benefits and keep you entertained simultaneously.

Combating age related stress

Aging makes you more likely to go through emotional trauma such as  the loss of a loved one that can induce debilitating loneliness. The best tool against such difficult changes is gratitude. Don’t take anyone or anything for granted and appreciate all that you have. This will help you develop a healthy outlook on life so you can enjoy it. It’s equally important to be able to acknowledge your feelings and express them. Communicating with friends, family or your doctor can ease up your emotional distress. If you don’t want personal confrontation, a diary can serve the purpose too! Also, don’t lose your sense of humor, especially about yourself, for it is a strength beyond measure.

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