Technology Tutoring Assisting Seniors Across the Nation Connect with Family and Friends

In the span of just a few short months, many activities of daily life have moved from being done in-person to happening virtually. For seniors, relying on technology means learning a whole new skillset to stay connected with family and friends. Here’s how technology tutoring services have helped seniors thrive in a new technology-dependent environment.

Learning How to Zoom

Until this spring, the application Zoom was widely used by businesses and individuals who needed to hold meetings, classes, and events with participants in different parts of the state, country, or overseas. But it quickly became a lifeline for families who started using Zoom to keep their children learning remotely and connecting with family members they couldn’t visit due to the pandemic.

Organizations such as the Tech Knowledge Hub at the Edward A. Myerberg Center for older adults in Baltimore, Maryland offers technology tutoring. They’ve moved to doing it over the phone and have helped seniors learn how to use Zoom to access services like exercise classes and religious services.

Other organizations have put together virtual activities and other tutorials on applications for things like financial services.

Virtual Connections

Thanks to support from volunteers and programs, seniors are learning to adapt to doing activities and attending events. A senior in Ohio was able to bring her book club to Zoom with help from a tutorial. Even assisted living facilities and nursing homes have gone virtual with activity offerings and delivering information to residents. A facility based in Chicago, Illinois made up virtual resources to help inform seniors about COVID-19 and offered lessons on things like ordering groceries online and borrowing books online.

By making these virtual connections, organizations helping to serve the senior population in their communities are seeing isolation issues reduced. The pandemic has moved seniors to learn new skills and become less isolated. Organizations supporting seniors through activities and other services may consider a hybrid model and continue virtual outreach when in-person services start up again.

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