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Everyone has heard the phrasing “broken heart” and heard about people dying of a broken heart, but most people think that this is just an exaggeration. As a family caregiver, it is important for you to realize that this is not only possible, but it does occur in approximately two percent of Caregiver-Costa-Mesa-CApeople with heart problems. Broken Heart Syndrome is a very real, though very rare, condition that is characterized by people going through a major emotional or stressful event suffering a heart incident that mimics a heart attack. Not only can this heart incident cause the painful and frightening symptoms of a regular heart attack, but it can lead to lasting cardiac scarring and even death.

Broken Heart Syndrome is formally referred to as stress-induced cardiomyopathy. This condition causes the main chamber of the heart to stop pumping effectively and can worsen overall heart conditions and illnesses. This happens for a variety of reasons, including the initial emotional stress that leads to a severe heart event, as well as the tendency for people who are going through these types of events to not follow through with doctor-prescribed treatments and medication plans, stop exercising and socializing, and not eat a healthy diet. All of these build up to creating problems in their health and wellbeing, putting additional stress on the heart.

One of the most common causes of Broken Heart Syndrome, particularly among senior adults, is the death of a partner. The death of a spouse can lead to a sharp increase in blood pressure, higher heart rate, blood clotting, and much higher risk of heart attack. The effect of this broken heart can be detrimental, even if they survive.


Some ways that you can help your aging loved ones get through their severe emotional and stressful incident and protect them from the devastating impact of Broken Heart Syndrome include:

• Help them prepare. Broken Heart Syndrome occurs when an emotional and stressful event overwhelms a person and puts intense pressure on his heart. This effect can be lessened if a senior is able to prepare himself for a severe emotional incident. While it is not possible to always prepare for every emotional shock, and preparation does not mean that all of the effect will be eliminated, helping your aging loved ones face impending tragedies such as the death of a partner or other loved one can give them some comfort.

• Acknowledge their emotions. Suffering in silence makes emotional challenges more difficult. Expressing painful emotions and working through these challenges helps to release the pain and gives you the opportunity to help them take care of themselves properly.

• Take care of them. Now is the time to increase the care efforts that you put forth for your loved ones. Make sure that they are getting enough rest, encourage them to come out with you so that they can get physical activity and social interaction, spend extra time with them, and prepare them healthy meals so that they continue to nurture their bodies. This helps to lessen the negative effect of the stress on your parents’ bodies.


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