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Though it may be difficult and emotionally trying, thinking about the end of your caregiver journey and your parents’ end of life transition is a critical part of being an effective and compassionateCaregiver-Tustin-CA caregiver. By never losing sight of the natural progression of life and the eventuality of you having to deal with this end, you ensure that you are taking the proper steps now to prepare yourself and your elderly loved ones for what will come in the future. With the right attitude, an honest and loving approach, and a commitment to doing what is right for your parents, this preparation does not have to be morbid or upsetting. In fact, it can be an affirmation and celebration of life, and a way to honor your parents and ensure that they receive the level of love, empathy, respect, and dignity that they deserve throughout all stages of their aging process.

One of the points that you must discuss within your role as a caregiver is the issue of organ donation. This is not just something that you must think about as a decision that your parents need to make for themselves, but also one that you need to make for yourself so that you are prepared, and all of the other members of your family are prepared, if this type of situation arises.

Organ donation is a wonderful way to know that you and your elderly loved ones are dedicating yourself to helping others. Through the decision to designate yourself as an organ donor you can change and save the lives of multiple people, giving them the opportunity to keep living and enjoying time with their loved ones.


As with anything in your caregiver journey, awareness is essential when it comes to making your organ donation decision. Go over these facts with your seniors as together you decide whether designating your parents and yourself as organ donors is the right decision for you:

  • Very few medical conditions make a person completely ineligible to donate organs. Even if there is a serious medical condition going on in one area of the body, it is very likely that other areas of the body are still just fine and the tissues there can be used for transplantation.
  • The age of the donor is not important. While there are some changes that occur within the organs with aging, the medical history of the donor is the most important consideration. Plenty of people in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s donate organs and those organs are used successfully.
  • Whether or not you are an organ donor has nothing to do with the level of care you receive upon entering the hospital. The team attempting to save your life if that is an option at the time does not have anything to do with the organ transplantation and the team that does is not called in until is already established that life can no longer be adequately preserved.

While registering as an organ donor is an important step in your or your parents’ decision to donate, this should also be the topic of an open, supportive, and honest conversation. Sharing your decision and convictions with those you love and who will likely be the ones making decisions for and about your final days ensures that they know what you want and will be prepared emotionally to carry it out. Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out more about organ donation and how you can start planning now to ensure your parents’ final wishes are carried out with love, compassion, and confidence.

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