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Some of the things that may occur in your caregiver journey with your elderly loved ones are issues and events that you never thought would happen, or did not want to ever happen. Preparing forCaregiver-Huntington-Beach-CA these situations, however, allows you to feel confident in your care and how you are going to respond. One of these situations is if your parents are in need of a blood transfusion.

Whether it is an emergency situation after a serious incident or surgery, as a precaution during a procedure, or for some other reason, if your elderly loved one needs to receive blood you may feel worried or even fearful. November 2 through 6 is Patient Blood Management Awareness Week, a time set aside for medical treatment facilities to evaluate their blood inventory and programs, make changes, and ensure that their staff is properly prepared and trained for the need to provide blood to patients. This is also a fantastic opportunity for you to make learning about the blood transfusion process and how you can help your parents be responsible patients before, during, and after this type of procedure a part of your caregiver efforts.


Use these tips to help you feel more confident about your parents’ need for a blood transfusion and your ability to be an efficient and effective caregiver:

• Feel secure. The first thing you can do to make the entire blood transfusion process easier is to take a moment to feel confident about the blood your parents will receive. Reassure them that all blood is thoroughly tested for a full range of diseases, including HIV and West Nile Virus prior to being used so it is perfectly safe. This can help to put your mind and your parents’ minds at ease.

• Know their type. It is important to make sure that your parents get the right type of blood during a transfusion. Save time in the event of an emergency situation by knowing your parents’ blood type and having it readily available in their personal information.

• Confirm it is necessary. One of the issues that medical centers will discuss during Patient Blood Management Awareness Week is the critically low inventories of blood that many centers have and how to reduce the use of blood to ensure it is available for all patients who need it. When a doctor mentions the use of blood, unless it is a dire situation, take a moment to discuss why your parent needs it and if it is absolutely necessary so you can help reduce the unnecessary use of blood supplies.

• Monitor the team. If you are permitted to be with your parents during the transfusion, do not interfere, but do your part to be vigilant about the situation. Make sure that everyone washes their hands thoroughly, that they are using the right type of blood, and that they prepare the procedure site properly.


Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out more about blood safety and what you can do to help protect your parents.

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