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Being a family caregiver to a loved one who has atrial fibrillation can be a little overwhelming. Because the condition involves irregular heartbeats, it can be difficult to know when your loved oneCaregiver-in-Mission-Viejo-CA is in a bad place, medically speaking. Understanding some of these symptoms and your own loved one’s limits is a way to help bring your worry under control a little bit. Work with your loved one’s doctors to figure out where your loved one’s normal ranges lie.

Racing or Irregular Heartbeat When Resting

When your loved one is active, his heart rate is naturally going to be faster than his resting heart rate. If he’s resting, though, his pulse shouldn’t be racing or feeling as though it’s beating irregularly. Racing or irregular heartbeats can mean that your loved one’s medication isn’t controlling his A-fib properly or it could indicate another problem. Either way, it’s time to call his doctor to have the situation checked out.

Trouble Breathing

Shortness of breath or trouble breathing is a common symptom for someone who has atrial fibrillation, and it can be normal during exertion. If it’s happening at other times, such as when your loved one is resting, that can be a sign of a problem. This can be a tricky symptom if your loved one has other issues, such as COPD, so make sure that you contact your loved one’s doctor, just to be on the safe side.

Extreme Fatigue

Extreme fatigue, either after exertion or just in general, can be a sign that your loved one’s heart is working too hard. This one is also a tricky symptom, because your loved one may be sleeping poorly or under stress for other reasons. It’s best to have your loved one’s doctor verify the potential cause of the fatigue to be sure.


Lightheadedness can be a sign that your loved one’s atrial fibrillation medications need to be adjusted. Sometimes these medications can cause low blood pressure. Try using a home blood pressure monitor to check your loved one’s blood pressure and mention low readings to his doctor.

Lower Leg Swelling

Swelling, or edema, in your loved one’s lower legs can indicate that your loved one’s heart isn’t functioning as well as it could be. Your loved one might be experiencing other symptoms, too, such as shortness of breath and irregular heartbeats. Try elevating his legs and contact his doctor to determine if the situation is serious.

Always talk to your loved one’s doctor if your loved one is experiencing new or odd symptoms.

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