Pain from a bad back is common in aging adults, but the good news is that in many cases, spine surgery can reduce or eliminate the problems.
Elderly people traditionally take longer to heal from injuries and surgeries, and for such a significant event such as spine surgery, it can be incredibly disruptive to a senior’s life. Because spine surgery recovery can take many months, family caregivers often hire elder care providers to assist their aging relatives as they heal at home.


Caregiver in Laguna Woods CA: Spine Surgery Recovery

Caregiver in Laguna Woods CA: Spine Surgery Recovery


Elder care providers can do a lot for seniors who are recovering from spine surgery and cannot perform daily tasks on their own.
Family caregivers may be able to help with self-care and housekeeping for much of the recovery time, but other responsibilities like family and jobs can prevent full-time care. Hiring a home care provider gives the elderly adults the consistent care they need as they recover from spine surgery and also allowing family caregivers to do as much as they can without neglecting their own duties.


Here are 3 ways that elder care providers help seniors with spine surgery recovery:

1. Pain Management

The elderly adult will be in a lot of pain and it’s important that they are able to manage that pain carefully. Pain can have a significant effect on a senior’s mental and physical health so it’s important that in the early days and weeks after the surgery that they take pain medication to keep them comfortable. While elder care providers cannot administer medication, they can provide reminders about when to take them and how many pills.


2. Fatigue

Getting surgery is very traumatic for the aging adult and it can leave them feeling fatigued and they could have a lack of focus. They may need to rest more than usual and take more frequent naps. Because of the surgery, they cannot bend or twist to get in and out of bed or chairs. They need support to get comfortable and positioned properly so they can rest. Elder care providers are on hand to assist whenever they need it.


3. Self-Care

Even if the elderly person was pretty independent before the surgery, they will need assistance to perform the most basic self-care tasks as they recover. Because of the physical restrictions given by the doctors about bending, twisting and other movements, seniors recovering from spine surgery are unable to do basic things like showering, bathing, dressing, toileting, and grooming.

A lot of good can come from spine surgery because it gets the elderly adult to a happier and healthier condition. However, because the recovery is so extensive and debilitating, it makes sense to hire an elder care provider to assist them until they can heal.


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