Caregiving is not easy. This is true for family caregivers as well as professional caregivers. Caring for another person is rewarding. But no caregiver should ever feel as if they are alone or have nowhere to turn for support. This post covers support resources for caregivers and different ways caregivers can get support when they need it.

Caregiver Support Groups

Attending a caregiver support group has multiple benefits. It helps reduce feelings of isolation. Caregivers will also hear other people’s experiences and learn what situations they might run up against in their caregiving journey. These groups are also where tips and tricks intended to help improve caregiving skills are exchanged. Referrals to other services and organizations are shared here as well.

Organization Resources

Organizations across the country exist to provide caregivers with the support and resources that they need. If you have a loved one dealing with a specific condition, that organization may have resources that help. Examples include:

Alzheimer’s Association

American Cancer Society

American Heart Association

Organizations formed for caregivers that provide caregiving resources are also out there. They include, but aren’t limited to:

Family Caregiver Alliance

USA Gov Caregiver Support

The National Caregiver Alliance

VA Caregivers

There are also caregiver programs available through your local city or town with resources available to help.

Using Respite Care

Caregivers who care for their loved ones will become tired and find it hard to balance the demands of caregiving with other life obligations. This is why respite care exists. Respite care involves caregivers who come in for a short stay over a weekend, while you’re away on a trip, or if you simply need time away one or two days each week. The caregivers are trained professionals who will help a loved one with personal care, companion care, and any other care they need while you are away.

Having someone else provide respite care, whether it be a professional caregiver or someone else, is important. Taking time out for yourself will make you a much more effective care provider.

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