COVID-19 has altered the holiday season for everyone in 2020. Chanukah is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about safe and fun ways to celebrate. Here are a few ways to create holiday memories and celebrate at home for Chanukah.

Share Goodies with Family and Friends

Making food is a significant part of Chanukah celebrations. Since it is safer to celebrate with the people that you live with, making food together requires some virtual connection to bring it together. Make a favorite recipe like rugelach or sufganiyot to share. Then have a family member, friend, or caregiver drop off your favorite treats to other family members or friends in the area. They can drop off their favorites to you too. Connect with each other through Zoom as a group to share your reactions.

Create a Theme for Each Night

Another way to extend the fun over the eight nights of Chanukah is to create a theme for each night and have food and gifts that match that theme. For example, you can have an all-sweets day with melted-gelt hot chocolate and sweet noodle kugel to enjoy or a breakfast-for-dinner theme with pajamas as gifts and challah French toast for dinner.

Get Ready to Light the Menorah

If picking up supplies is difficult, ask a friend, family member, or caregiver to pick up the oil or wicks you need to light the menorah for each night of Chanukah. This way you can get ready to bring the light of Chanukah into your home while adhering to the specifics of the tradition.

Do Something Special for Shabbat

Add something special to your Shabbat for Chanukah. Things you can do include making a special dish on that day, singing Hallel (Psalms of praise we say every morning of Chanukah) aloud with extra joy, or printing up additional Torah thoughts to read that night.

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