Downsizing is usually associated with moving. It’s also used to talk about paring down items at home. Seniors who have chosen to age in place at home might not consider downsizing to be important. But it forces you and your loved one to think about the physical space they’re living in and the environment it creates, including how safe it is. Here are downsizing tips that seniors should think about.

Create a Strategy

Downsizing is difficult to wrap your mind around at first. Before starting, develop a strategy so that it doesn’t become all about getting rid of things. Making a game out of it can add fun to the process. Challenge a loved one to see how quickly they can go through a set of boxes in a week. If there are a lot of letters or other memorabilia in the house, think about ways to digitize it.  Teach your loved one how to sort through the items on a tablet or computer instead of in a box.

Enlist Help

No one can downsize their home alone, especially if there are areas that are difficult to reach, such as an attic or a basement. When cleaning out spaces like these, be prepared to have someone else clean them out. In most cases, you will not have seen these items in many years, so prepare yourself to let things go in advance. If you’re concerned about throwing away something important, set parameters for review so that you don’t miss anything. But don’t let the review process bog you down.

Donate or Give Things Away

Not everything you sort through will be kept or destined for the junk pile. Some things will be donated. Donating to big organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent De Paul are all options. Other organizations will send postcards in the mail letting you know when trucks will be in your area to pick up items such as clothes and housewares.

Another way to downsize is to give items away on Craigslist, Next Door, or Facebook marketplace. It takes time to photograph and list items. But if you have big pieces of furniture or items that you love but can’t keep, passing them on to people in your community is one way to make sure they go to a good home.

Seniors who need help at home in Orange County or Newport Beach, CA should think about hiring a caregiver, especially if family members or friends aren’t always to available to help. Whether you need assistance for just a few hours every week or specialized care, Optimal Senior Care Solutions is here to help. Contact us today.