A “Z” in Scrabble might be worth 10 points, but the value of playing Scrabble is much higher for your aging relative. August 9 – 13 is National Scrabble Week.
If your family member enjoys the classic word game, this is the time to pull out the old game board and issue a challenge. In fact, why not get out a whole bunch of board games and add them to your regular caregiver routine.


Elder Care in Laguna Woods CA: Playing Games With Seniors

Elder Care in Laguna Woods CA: Playing Games With Seniors


If you’re not sure why caregivers should encourage seniors to play board games, here are just a few benefits.


Board Games are Fun

If you haven’t played a board game in a while, you may have forgotten just how much fun it can be to engage in some friendly competition. There are many classic board games that your aging relative probably played when they were younger. They may have even played them with you! Pull out an old board game and ask if they’d like to play. You may be surprised at the joy!


Board Games Help Seniors and Younger People Bond

Sometimes grandchildren are reluctant to visit their grandparents because they find it boring. That just might change if they know they can look forward to playing a favorite board game with grandma or grandpa. Sitting at a table laughing over a game can help the two generations to feel closer to one another and make them excited about the next time they can be together.


Board Games Offer Brain Benefits

Board games involve thought. Older adults may need to strategize to beat their caregivers. Games also require the senior to keep track of rules. They may even have to do a little math. Lots of games also offer a creative outlet, such as the game Pictionary. Whatever the mechanics of the game, playing stimulates the brain and may help your aging relative to stay sharper as they age.


Board Games Relieve Awkward Conversations

One of the reasons younger people may avoid visiting older family members is because conversation doesn’t always come naturally. They may have little in common, so talking feels forced. When even the most well-meaning caregiver can’t ease the awkward conversation, getting out a board game might. Playing a game gives the young person and the older adult something to do together other than talking. And, while playing the game, a conversation may just happen naturally.


Board Games Allow Social Interaction

Many seniors lack opportunities for social interaction because they can’t get out of the house easily. Playing games gives them a chance to interact with other people. In fact, caregivers may want to plan a game night at the senior’s house to bring family and friends together.


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