Elderly Care in Laguna Woods CA

Elderly Care in Laguna Woods CAYour elderly loved one may have never had issues with her urinary tract before, but suddenly she’s finding that her bladder is working overtime. This is called overactive bladder and it’s disconcerting for most people. If your elderly loved one is wrestling with an overactive bladder, here’s what you need to know in order to help her.

Overactive Bladder Defined
Overactive bladder is the phrase used to describe a condition in which your elderly loved one feels like she has to urinate far more often than she usually does. She may also feel a greater urgency to urinate and she may find that her sleep is consistently interrupted with the urge to urinate. It’s a distracting problem and it can be embarrassing for many people to talk about.

Causes of an Overactive Bladder
Overactive bladder can occur for a wide range of reasons. Nerve damage from chronic health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, or other ailments can contribute. Some medications may have a side effect that causes overactive bladder. If your loved one is overweight or has a history of frequent urinary tract infections, she might also be more prone to overactive bladder. Your loved one’s doctor can help to determine the cause of her overactive bladder in order to find the right treatment.

Treatments for Overactive Bladder
Treatments that can work for your loved one’s overactive bladder can depend greatly on the cause of the problem. For example, if the cause is excess weight, then losing a few pounds can make a huge difference. Some elderly loved ones find that if they change their diets to limit coffee and alcohol, it helps. It may take trial and error on your loved one’s part to find the right solution. In extreme cases, medication can make a huge difference.

Talk to Your Loved One’s Doctor
If you think that your elderly loved one is dealing with overactive bladder, talk to her doctor as soon as possible. He can look at the entire picture and determine potential causes as well as help you to troubleshoot a solution that will work well for your loved one.

You can also try talking to your loved one’s elder care providers. They’re experienced in helping elderly loved ones with all sorts of issues, and they may have suggestions that can help.

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