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Nosebleeds can involve a tiny amount of blood or they can be a scary flood of blood. Regardless, it’s important to know how to handle a nosebleed properly, because they can pop up out of Elderly-Care-in-Newport-Beach-CAnowhere and be very frightening for your elderly loved one and for you. If your loved one is prone to nosebleeds, it’s important to have supplies on hand, such as tissues and wet wipes, that can help you to take care of the situation whether you’re out and about or at home.


Why Nosebleeds Can Happen

Nosebleeds can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most shocking ones are those that seem to start for no reason whatsoever. Common causes include an injury to the nose or blowing the nose too much. Often nosebleeds also can start because of low humidity, cold air, or heated air during cold winter weather. Nosebleeds can also start due to medication side effects or even side effects from existing health conditions.


What to Do for a Nosebleed

The first thing to do for your elderly loved one if a nosebleed starts is to avoid panicking. Help your loved one to sit up straight and avoid tilting his head backward. Many people think that this helps to slow the flow of blood, but really all it does is to cause the blood to flow back down your loved one’s throat. Instead, help him to tilt his head slightly forward and pinch his nostrils together gently for a few minutes. After the bleeding stops, help your loved one to clean up.


When to Call Your Loved One’s Doctor

If your loved one’s nose doesn’t stop bleeding after a few minutes or worsens, it might be time to call his doctor for advice. Repeated nosebleeds right after one another are also a good reason to contact your loved one’s doctor. If your loved one is complaining of other problems, such as a headache that won’t go away, seek medical attention. Talk with your loved one’s doctor about what you can do to prevent future nosebleeds, especially if they’re becoming more common for your loved one.

Make sure that you let your loved one’s senior care providers know if he’s prone to having nosebleeds. That way they can be on the lookout in case one pops up.


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