AARP partnered with United Health Fund and asked more than 1,600 family caregivers about the care they provide. When it came to a question regarding the reason care is needed, six conditions or diseases topped the list.

Elderly Care Laguna Niguel CA - What Are the Top Six Chronic Health Conditions Family Caregivers Help With?

Elderly Care Laguna Niguel CA – What Are the Top Six Chronic Health Conditions Family Caregivers Help With?

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is increasing each year. When it’s your mom or dad with this horrible disease, you’re not going to be prepared for all it throws at your family. The first years may seem okay. As the disease progresses to the end of the middle stage and into the late stage, you start seeing how it can damage everyone’s emotional well-being.

Your parent may become incredibly stubborn and outright angry at your requests. Getting an Alzheimer’s patient to take a shower, take medications, or eat a meal can become tremendous struggles. Your parent may get so angry that you get hit, scratched, bit, or pushed over.


Mental Health America estimates that 2 million of today’s elderly men and women suffer from depression. It often coincides with a chronic health condition like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or stroke.

By itself, depression may have your parent refusing to get out of bed or eat healthy meals. As activity levels change, you may find your mom or dad no longer caring about keeping the house clean or paying bills. You’ll need to step in and help keep the household managed. You also need to encourage your parent to get help.


When diabetes is diagnosed, you may not think of it as being a reason your parent needs care. It’s an adjustment. Having someone to help prepare meals, remind to check blood sugar levels, and simply being there for support matters. If dizzy spells occur while adjusting to the impact of foods on sugar levels, your parent may simply feel more at ease knowing someone is there.

Heart Disease

Congestive heart failure and recovery from a heart attack are the two most common forms of heart disease that require care services. Your parent may need transportation and help scheduling appointments. Medication reminders and support with housework are also beneficial.


After a stroke, your parent will need therapy to relearn many skills. Walking, talking, and swallowing are just some of the skills your parent needs to learn again. During that time, your help may be needed at home.

Your mom or dad needs someone to cook meals, clean the house, help with bathing, toileting, and personal care. There’s a chance that a wheelchair or walker will be necessary.

Even if you decide to be your parent’s primary caregiver, you cannot ignore yourself. Many family caregivers focus on their family members and ignore self-care. It’s a leading reason for caregiver depression and anxiety. Don’t let that happen.

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