Sight is one of the most important senses that people have. But did you know that problems with your vision can cause dizziness and balance issues? This post discusses common age-related eye conditions, how dizziness impacts balance, common causes, and when to consult a doctor regarding your eye health.

Common Eye Conditions with Aging

Like other parts of the body, eyes are affected by aging. The good news is that seniors can do a few things to help preserve or reverse vision changes. Visiting your doctor for a regular exam and seeing an eye doctor every year for an exam is a good start. Common eye problems that can develop with age include:

Presbyopia: Being unable to see small print or small objects up close. This condition may sometimes cause headaches or “tired eyes”.

Dry eyes: Tear glands that can’t make enough tears cause dry eyes. It may lead to vision loss, itching, and burning.

Tearing: Having too many tears can be caused by light, wind, and temperature changes. It can be caused by an infection or blocked tear duct in serious cases.

The Impact of Dizziness

Approximately 30% of older adults over the age of 65 experience dizziness. When someone is dizzy, it can cause balance problems. These problems can be tied back to the systems responsible for balance, which includes the eyes and vestibular system. When someone has dizziness with or without balance problems, they might feel:

  • Lightheaded
  • Disoriented
  • Have a headache
  • Have blurred or double vision
  • Be confused
  • Have a fear of falling

Dizziness is commonly caused when the eyes are unable to produce a single unified view like they do in binocular vision. When an older person has eye health problems and their balance, it can be related to vertigo, binocular vision dysfunction, traumatic brain injury, or another condition like a transient ischemic attack (TIA), or anemia.

When to Seek Help

Occasional dizziness is not usually a concern. But if you or a loved one is experiencing dizziness and loss of balance, consult a doctor immediately. If the dizziness appears to be related to vision, reach out to an eye doctor to schedule an exam.

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