The Summer Olympics are here, and it’s hard not to watch them without being inspired to play a sport yourself. Some sports require more physicality and stamina than others. The good news is that there are many sports for seniors to participate in safely both indoors and outdoors without risking injury. Here are some sports you can get involved in today.

Year-Round Sports

Swimming is a versatile sport for seniors. Water is easier on the joints. Swimming laps, attending an open swim, or going to water aerobics are just some ways to get moving all year long.

If you want to enjoy an activity with family or friends, go bowling. The game is easy to play and has balls of varying weights, so anyone can play no matter their ability level. You can also play on a team for an added level of fun and socialization.

Yoga has many benefits. It increases movement and flexibility and helps to ease the aches and pains associated with aging. Yoga also increases mindfulness, which can help improve sleep deprivation, which is common among older adults.

Walking is the most common activity for seniors because it’s the fastest way to get moving. People can take a walk in nature or inside at a mall. To prevent falls, consider using a cane or a walking stick if needed.

Seasonal Sports

Walking soccer is a game that doesn’t require any running at all. If you’re a soccer fan, think about playing this with a team of people. It lowers the risk of injury and stress on the joints.

Similar to lawn bowling, croquet is another game that requires multiple people to play. It helps keep you fit and offers the opportunity to socialize with others.

Golf can be played alone or with friends. There are different courses available depending on your skill level. You can take lessons if they’re needed, and golf carts are available to get from hole to hole on the course.

Keeping seniors engaged and active can be a challenge, and sports can help. If you’re searching for a caregiver in Newport Beach or Orange County to do that, call Optimal Senior Care Solutions. Reach out to us today.