Managing and taking medications safely is important for seniors as well as their caregivers. It’s very common to forget to take certain medications and in some cases, they can cause interactions, especially if a recent change has been made. Here are some tips for seniors and caregivers to keep in mind when it comes to medication management.

Implement a System

Gather all medications together in one place. Everything a senior takes whether it is a prescription, vitamins, over-the-counter medications, or supplements, should be together in one centralized location. One way to keep everything organized is to put it in a clear container. If some medications are only taken every once in a while, store them separately.

Sort Medications in Advance

After gathering all medications in one spot, sort them in advance before they’re needed. This is an easy way to make sure seniors take their medications on time and don’t have to remember proper dosage times. Sort medications for the week and get an organizer that has enough space for the number of times medication needs to be taken throughout the day.

Keep Instructions Clear

Negative reactions to medications are a real concern. So, it is important to follow all instructions as provided, such as eating something with food or on an empty stomach. If the instructions are not clear, reach out to the doctor and ask how to proceed. Their goal is to help make their patients feel better and medication is part of that for many people.

Understand Side Effects and Look for Interactions

Caregivers and seniors alike need to understand the side effects that arise as a result of medications. Be: aware of common side effects like:

  • Risk of falls
  • Upset Stomach
  • Weakness
  • Increased pain

If these changes occur or a senior starts exhibiting changes in behavior then it is important to notify a physician right away, particularly if problems arise.


If your loved one struggles with medication management in Orange County or Newport Beach, CA, one of our experienced caregivers is here to help. Whether organization is a challenge or someone simply needs to keep an eye on a loved one for adverse reactions, Optimal Senior Care Solutions will help. Reach out to us today!