Presents and festive meals typically take center stage during the holidays. But holiday crafts play their part to brighten the home, and they’re fun to make for all ages. This blog post outlines different holiday crafts seniors can create to get into the holiday spirit this year.

Homespun Ornaments

Many people have a few heirloom ornaments that have been passed down through the years from family members. Create new heirloom ornaments that will last for years to come using Mod Podge and a wooden craft blank. Cut a copy of a cherished photo down to fit the wooden blank and apply the Mod Podge to it. After it dries, cut a hole in the top to thread a ribbon through it. This can be for an ornament or a hanging decoration around the house for the holidays.

Crafty Doorbells

To create your own DIY jingle bells, buy or repurpose mini molds and bundt cake pans from past holidays. Stack them together and affix them with epoxy. Small holiday ornaments or bells can be applied using a hot glue gun.

Make a Citrus Garland

Citrus and trees make a fine pair for the holidays. It’s easy to make a citrus garland. Simply thread dried citrus on a piece of wire or nylon thread and decorate your holiday tree or another plant in your home for a festive look. If you want to make the garland from fresh citrus, cut up navel and blood orange slices and put them in the oven to bake. Put them on for three hours and turn them halfway to make sure they dry flat before stringing them up.

Create a Card Tree

Holiday cards are difficult to display, especially when there are multiple ones. Display them by attaching them to the wall in a tree shape. A round bucket or container can serve as the trunk and help collect gifts and packages throughout the season.

Festive Pillows

Decorate for the holidays by wrapping throw pillows in ribbon to look like a gift. You can add bells or a sprig of greenery to make it extra special.

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