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A small amount of hearing loss can be a normal part of aging, but often it’s a result of damage to your loved one’s ears earlier in his life. Communicating with an elderly loved one who has hearing Home-Care-in-Mission-Viejo-CAloss can be challenging, but these tips can make the job much easier on both of you.

Speak Face-to-face as Much as Possible

When your loved one has a hearing problem, talking to him face-to-face helps him to read your lips as well as body language cues that give him a fuller picture of what you’re talking to him about. Even across the room can be too far away, so make sure that you at the very least turn toward your loved one when you’re talking with him. Try to avoid “sneaking up” on your loved one, too. If you start talking to him when you’re behind him or in another room, he’ll likely have missed the first part of what you said and you could end up startling him.

Eliminate Background Noise When Possible

Background noise isn’t your elderly loved one’s friend if he has a hearing problem. Television or the radio can be enjoyable for him, but when you’re trying to talk to him, they’re competition. Try to time conversation for commercial breaks, when you can turn down the TV or the radio without disturbing his show. Other background noise that might cause difficulty could be yard equipment outside, a dishwasher, or even a washer or dryer that are running.

Hearing Aids Aren’t Perfect

If your loved one has a hearing aid, of course it’s a good idea for him to wear it as much as possible. The thing to remember, though, is that hearing aids aren’t infallible and there are likely to be some times that your loved one still doesn’t hear you. Maybe the battery is running down or the volume is set too high or too low. Whenever you’re in doubt about your loved one’s hearing aids, make sure that his audiologist has a look at them.

Examine How You Talk to Your Loved One

Some of our communication habits are such habits that we don’t even realize we’re doing them. For example, you might be used to raising your voice to talk to your loved one. This can actually make it more difficult for your loved one to understand you clearly and it could make him feel as if he’s “in trouble” when that likely isn’t the case. Instead, try to speak as clearly as you can and directly to your loved one.

If you’re still having trouble talking with your elderly loved one, make sure that you ask his home care providers for tips. They’re very used to helping loved ones with all sorts of hearing difficulties and they can give you tips that can help with your loved one’s specific situation.

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