So many aging adults find themselves in a position where they just aren’t interested in eating. Often that happens because of her sense of taste, smell, or both are not working as well as they once did. Without those senses to kick her appetite into high gear, she might not be eating as much as she should be on a regular basis.


Home Care in Newport Beach CA: Senior Food

Home Care in Newport Beach CA: Senior Food


Try Some New Spices

Spices may not have been a big choice for your senior in the past, but if her taste buds have gotten less sensitive, she might be open to trying different spices now. This is also an excellent way to replace excess sodium in your elderly family member’s diet. There are so many different types of spices and blends to try that you can really start to experiment.


Add Plenty of Herbs

Herbs are another option that your senior might enjoy. Dried herbs are easy to get at most grocery stores, but you might want to try fresh herbs a little more often. These can be a little more potent, which might help your senior to taste them a little more easily.


Choose Colorful Foods

When your elderly family member’s taste buds aren’t excited about much, you have to attract her appetite with other aspects of the dining experience. The smell itself can sometimes help, but smell and taste are two senses that are closely related. One other way you can stimulate appetite is to choose colorful foods and prepare them in ways that help to maintain those colors so that your senior’s eyes help to wake up her stomach and her appetite.


Offer Small Amounts, Especially of New Dishes

As you’re trying more and more new dishes, consider offering smaller amounts of each one. Your senior might get overwhelmed with serving sizes that are too large, especially of something new. But a smaller portion can help to stimulate her appetite without being too much. It’s always preferable to have her come back for more, especially of something that’s full of nutrients that she needs.

One way to help your elderly family member to eat healthier meals more often is to have home care providers available in her home to cook for her. That way if she does have a particular craving, someone is right there to help her satisfy that craving. And if she isn’t excited about eating, they can at least make sure she’s getting something healthy into her.


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