Mental health is something that is easy to overlook, unfortunately. But your senior’s emotions and her mental health all directly correlate with her overall health, so it’s important to get an overview of when things might be off a bit.

Home Care Services Laguna Woods CA - How Is Your Senior’s Mental Health?

Home Care Services Laguna Woods CA – How Is Your Senior’s Mental Health?

Her Social Life Has Suffered

Socializing is a lot more important than most people think. Maintaining social interactions helps your senior to avoid feeling isolated and alone. Even if your elderly family member is only mingling with other people once a week, that can be enough to help her to feel as if she’s not alone in the world. Spending time with friends more often can help even more.

She’s Moodier than Usual

Everybody has those moments when they feel moody. But if your elderly family member is experiencing moodiness far more frequently than once in a while, there might be more at play. Talk to your senior about what she’s experiencing and why she might be experiencing so much variation in her moods. This might be something she wants to talk to you about but doesn’t know how to broach.

Some of Her Decisions Are Scary

When your elderly family member makes decisions you don’t agree with, that can be scary for you. This can especially be the case if you worry that your elderly family member is in danger or that she’s taking other types of risks. Poor judgment can be a sign that your senior’s mental health isn’t as strong as it once was.

Simple Tasks Are Stumping Her

Frustration, anger, and irritation might be more common for your senior of late. That can be because simple tasks might be getting more and more difficult, especially with physical and cognitive changes barreling toward her. Sometimes your senior might be taking those feelings of frustration and irritation out on you, even though you’re trying to help her.

Her Concentration Is Off

Emotional changes can affect your senior’s ability to think, to reason, and to concentrate. As a result, she might become even more concerned because that overload can look very similar to dementia symptoms. Often helping your senior to deal with the other mental health concerns that are weighing on her can alleviate the cognitive symptoms.

If you’re noticing some of these signs in your elderly family member, it’s time to mention them to her doctor. You might also want to ensure that she’s got companionship even when you’re not able to be there with her. Home care services providers can take over tasks for her as well as offering company, help with transportation, and whatever else might help her to be as healthy as possible.

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