No one is truly prepared to get older because there are so many things to consider. Home safety is one of those things. But it’s not necessarily at the top of the list, especially for seniors who have lived in the same home for a long time. This post talks about simple home safety tips that seniors can implement at home.

Home Safety Evaluation

The best way to start making a home safe for the elderly is to do a safety evaluation. Nurses and physical therapists conduct these evaluations when they visit a patient at their home to identify risks. It’s easy to conduct a safety assessment at home since they are available online. Choose one that covers multiple rooms and go through each section. Think of the evaluation as a guide to help figure out what safety risks might exist in the house.

Be Aware of Pets

Many seniors have pets for companionship. Pets are wonderful but they can also present a safety risk. While they don’t intend to, pets can get in the way or not move when elderly people are walking around. To prevent falls or other accidents, make sure to keep pets out of high traffic areas when moving around.

Address Safety Hazards

Eliminate common safety hazards before they become a problem. Install grab bars in the bathroom even if no one has slipped or fallen. Clear pathways of clutter and make sure cords are tucked out of the way. Put non-slip material under rugs and secure the edges to prevent them from coming up

Check lighting around the inside and outside of the home. Install lights where needed. Areas that lack electricity or otherwise may be hard to light can have battery-operated, USB or solar-powered lights installed.

Examine outdoor paths for cracks or breaks that present a tripping hazard. And make sure railings both inside and outside are secured to the wall or ground.

Proactively addressing safety issues and being aware of them are two ways to keep seniors safe at home. To learn more about senior safety and how we can keep the elderly safe at home, reach out to us today.


We Conduct Free in-home Safety Inspections Prior to Start of Care Services

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