Stroke affects people in many different ways.
Some people may be only mildly affected and recover very quickly. Others may be more severely affected or even disabled. How the body is affected depends on a lot of different factors, like where in the brain the stroke occurs. Where some people may have paralysis, others might have only some weakness.

Another way a stroke can impact older adults is fatigue.
Fatigue is a feeling of being tired that does not go away after sleeping. They may even wake up in the morning feeling fatigued. Understanding how stroke patients can be affected by fatigue may enable you to assist them better through the recovery process.


Homecare in Irvine CA: Post Stroke Fatigue

Homecare in Irvine CA: Post Stroke Fatigue


Understanding Post Stroke Fatigue

Up to 70 percent of stroke survivors experience post-stroke fatigue. Being fatigued can impact the way the older adult feels and give them a general feeling of unwellness. It can make them feel like they have no energy for doing their rehabilitation exercises. It can also keep them from doing the things they enjoy.


It can be hard to know when your aging relative is feeling fatigued unless they tell you. However, there are some signs you can watch for, such as:

  • Clumsiness.
  • Changes in speech.
  • Trouble understanding things or memory problems.
  • Irritability.
  • Crying or laughing for no apparent reason.
  • Tips for Dealing with Fatigue


Luckily, fatigue caused by stroke usually starts to get better within a few months of the stroke. However, until that time, there are many things you can do to help them deal with the fatigue, such as:


-Talk About Fatigue: Have an honest conversation with your aging relative about how they are feeling. Let them know that fatigue after a stroke is normal and that they should let you and other caregivers know when they need a rest.

-Allow for Rest: Make sure your aging relative has plenty of opportunities for rest during the day. It can even be helpful to schedule rest times.

-Avoid Overexertion: Remind your older family member not to overdo it. If they do, they’re likely to feel worse the next day.

-Be Patient: It may take your loved one longer to do things than it used to. Give them the time they need to get things done and try to be patient while you wait.

Home care can also assist the older adult to cope with fatigue. A home care provider can give them more time to rest by helping with things around the house, like cleaning, laundry, and cooking. Because home care providers are hired specifically to assist your older family member, they have the time to dedicate to the senior’s needs without having to worry about how quickly things get done.


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