Senior Care in Laguna Beach CA

For many elderly adults, the chance to get a prosthetic limb is something that can dramatically improve their quality of life. Whether they had to undergo an amputation because of an injury, an illness, or another reason, having a prosthetic limb can restore much of their function and allow them to enjoy activities and experiences that they had not been able to in years.Senior-Care-Laguna-Beach-CA

Making prosthetic limbs a part of your elderly loved ones’ daily life can pose a variety of challenges as they get used to these new devices and then learn to integrate them into their regular routine. This is a time when relying on the care and assistance of a home care provider can be a tremendous benefit for your seniors. This in home health care services provider can offer support, encouragement, and assistance helping your seniors follow their doctor’s guidelines regarding use of the limbs, how to get used to putting them on and using them, and how to care for themselves so that they stay safe and healthy while getting the maximum benefit from their prosthetics.


Use these tips, and share them with your aging loved ones’ in home health care services provider, to be a supportive, helpful force in your seniors using and benefitting from their prosthetic limbs:

• Learn together. Visit the doctor together to learn how your parents should protect their residual limb, put on their prosthetic, care for their skin, and get used to movement. Learning these things together gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification so that you are able to provide assistance later.

• Take your time. It takes some people a little while to get used to having a prosthetic limb. Encourage your seniors not to rush themselves or feel discouraged if they are not immediately comfortable with the device and able to go about their day using it effectively. Help them practice things that utilize the device depending on what type of prosthetic it is, such as walking, reaching, picking items up, sitting, or standing.

• Sleep properly. Those seniors who have undergone leg amputations in particular will need to follow specific guidelines as to how to position their residual limb while sleeping. This could include not supporting the residual limb with a pillow or sleeping with a pillow between their thighs because it can lead to inability to straighten the knee or hip.

• Take care of the skin. Proper skin care is vital to preserving your seniors’ health and wellbeing after they get a prosthetic limb. Not caring for the skin properly can lead to abrasions, fungal and bacterial growth, infections, and skin breakdown. Make sure that the residual limb is cleaned thoroughly every day and allowed to dry completely before putting on the prosthetic. Check for pressure areas after removing the prosthetic that could be an indicator of an ill-fitting socket. Do not use talcum powder, softening cream, rubbing alcohol, or other non-prescribed products on the residual limb, as these can contribute to skin problems.


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