Many seniors prefer to grow older at home. It’s a logical decision because home is the place where you feel the most comfortable, and it is familiar territory. But most homes are not equipped for aging in place, particularly when it comes to stairs. This post explains why stairlifts are beneficial for seniors and caregivers in the home when mobility becomes an issue.

Stairs and Safety

Stairs are something most people don’t notice until they have difficulty going up or down them due to an illness, accident, or injury. As people age, stairs become a safety hazard because they don’t have proper railings, they are steep or are simply difficult to traverse without assistance. Even when seniors have a caregiver helping them up and down the stairs, safety is a concern for both parties, especially if an older person has issues with their balance or staying on their feet. A stairlift is one solution to keep seniors safe.

Benefits of a Stairlift in the Home

Stairlifts are easy to operate and to get in and out of for both clients and caregivers. Using a stairlift helps reduce the likelihood of an injury for an older person. They also reduce strain on a caregiver. Caregivers endure stress and strain while helping clients in and out of the bath, bed, and around the home. Having a solution that helps to move clients up and downstairs saves caregivers from enduring that strain when it comes to stairs. Lifts are also more comfortable for clients, and they help promote independence while at home.

Staying Active at Home

Staying active and engaged at home is difficult for seniors when they have a problem with their mobility. A stairlift helps improve activity and engagement by giving an older person the ability to go to another part of the house when they want to. An outdoor stairlift also makes leaving the house easier on both the client and caregiver. Being able to move about with relative ease is crucial because it means that seniors can stay in their home safely and be comfortable.

Seniors need support as they age safely at home. If you or a loved one needs assistance at home in Orange County or Newport Beach, CA, reach out to Optimal Senior Care Solutions. Our team of senior care experts will be happy to find a care solution that fits your needs. Reach out to us today!