As a people age, parts of their body will begin to show signs of wear. One of the most fragile parts of the body is the hip.  If the time comes when hip replacement surgery is necessary, seniors will need to prepare as possible.

By having the support of their adult children and an elder care provider, an elderly person will be able to get through the process much easier.

Pre surgery consultations are a must

Going in for a few different consultations before the surgery will help seniors and their adult children get the information they need. The surgeon will be able to give them information regarding how the procedure will unfold and what they can expect after the procedure is complete.

Scheduling additional help around the house

If not already receiving regular help from an elderly care provider, seniors should think about scheduling this service before their surgery. After the surgery is complete, it will be much harder to do things around their home. An elder care provider will be able to handle cleaning and cooking, among many other tasks.

Setting up a recovery station

Having a recovery station setup ahead of time will help them relax and get on their way to healing. This station should include things like the television remote, drinks and tissues, and comfortable place to sit or lie down. By setting this station up ahead of time, seniors will not have to worry about moving from one spot of their home to the next. Adult children should have no problem getting this area set up for their parents, which can help to reduce the stress of an at home recovery.

Get food prepared in advance

Before hip surgery, it’s best to have a food strategy planned out.  Gather together take out menus, look into grocery delivery from the local market, and prepare and freeze meals ahead of time. This will make it an easy and fast way to get three meals a day during the recovery process.

By taking the time to think ahead, seniors and their adult children will be able to ensure a smooth recovery.

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