These days, the transition to autumn is usually marked by the return of pumpkin spice-flavored items to local grocery stores and coffee shops. But fall has officially arrived with the fall equinox, and it’s time to start thinking about how to make the most of the season with these activities.

Start Fresh with a Clean Closet

Spring is usually associated with cleaning. But autumn is the perfect time to start over with your closet. Take it slow and sort through clothes that are no longer worn or do not fit. Next, get rid of shoes that are too worn or unsafe to walk around. If you have household items in good condition, consider donating them to charities in need of such items or posting them on websites like NextDoor for neighbors in the area to pick them up.

Plant Fall Flowers

Gardeners know that with the change of seasons comes the opportunity to plant new flowers for autumn. Consider planting flowers like:

Mums- Available in white, red, orange, and peach, these flowers also come in different sizes.

Pansies- These flowers bloom in fall and spring and are available in many colors.

Croton- A type of fall foliage, this plant can be used indoors in cold weather or as a shrub in other areas. It comes in colors such as orange, yellow, and purple.

Go Antiquing

Since fall is home to Halloween and Thanksgiving, and it leads to Christmas, it’s a good time to visit local antique stores. Here you can find seasonal collectibles like ceramic turkeys, holiday table decorations, and festive salt and pepper shakers.

Bake with Pumpkin

All sorts of good treats are made with pumpkin as a star ingredient. Pumpkin bundt cake, bread, pie, and cookies are some examples of what to make. Make the most out of your pumpkins by roasting their seeds as a snack.

Let the Air In

In autumn, the weather tends to be a perfect mix of warm and cool air. Take advantage of this by opening the windows and let the house breathe.

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