We refer to our caregiver employees as Care Pros in recognition of their level of professionalism and commitment to the clients they serve. I am pleased to introduce John Kabuchwa.

We recently recognized John for his outstanding work.  John has been caregiving for about 7 years. I first met John about 7 years ago in the 1st year of our operations. Our Care Coordinator met him while attending a course in caregiving and elder care at a local training facility. John came in shortly after they completed their training for an interview and I knew from the minute I met him that he had a special positive energy about him. John has provided exceptional care for several of our most difficult to care for clients. He generally stays on the cases long term and has had an enormously positive impact on their quality of life.

John originally hails from Kenya and speaks fluent English and Swahili.  He has a wide range of interests including writing, reading, music and traveling.  In addition to his work as a Home Care Aide, John holds two Masters Degrees, in Business Administration and Theology.  He pursued his educational goals while working full time as a Home Care Aide.

Needless to say John is a very well rounded and interesting person who approaches his work with with the highest level of commitment and compassion.

Thank you John for all that you do!


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