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Physical Therapy (PT) is a vital part of a person’s recovery from injury, surgery, or medical condition. It is often a part of a recovery and rehabilitation program before and after discharge from the hospital. People also find they may need PT to help them deal with injuries or other physical conditions that were not related to a hospital stay. PT can improve mobility. For the elderly, this can make a big difference in their quality of life. It can enable them to remain living and functioning in their homes longer.  And it may delay moving to a nursing home. But for many elderly people and others, getting to an outpatient facility can be a problem. Many do not drive and in some cases they may be recovering due to a hospitalization. Fortunately there is great solution to this problem, Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy, where the facility comes to you.  One of the premier providers of this service in Orange County is HomeWorks Physical Therapy. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Christian about his company.

About HomeWorks PT

HomeWorks was founded in 2006 by Christian Chipouras, DPT. Christian holds several advanced degrees in physical therapy, physiology and geriatrics. Christian’s vision for HomeWorks was to create a better way to deliver outpatient PT by going to the home and providing one on one care. Traditional outpatient facilities typically have the patient work with technicians for most of their treatment. They often only interact with a Physical Therapist for very short intervals of time. HomeWorks patients are treated by Physical Therapists who spend an hour or more with them one on one. HomeWorks services mostly elderly  patients. One of the biggest challenges for the elderly is falling. Falls account for a large portion of hospitalizations and death among the elderly.  They help them to improve their balance with the goal of reducing falls.

HomeWorks has 7 physical therapists and 3 occupational therapists on staff. They get many referrals from physician offices. They also get referrals through word of mouth, which is a tribute to the high quality service they provide. Christian emphasizes “if your quality of life is suffering or you feel your level of function is slipping, don’t give, get help, your body can recover”. For more information or to schedule a visit to your home call HomeWorks Physical Therapy at (714) 580-2868. You can also visit their website at

Christian Chiporas, DPT,MPT,MS

HomeWorks Physical Therapy

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