Cura Care of California L.L.C.


We live in an aging society. Many people have parents or other loved ones who, from time to time, need extra support. This could be related to where they live, how much help they need living there, medical issues, independence issues and family conflict issues, etc. Often family members feel an obligation to care for their own. These issues can be very complex, especially for a person who is experiencing it for the first time. It often leads to stress, frustration, loss of time at work, and poor outcomes. Professional help can provide a level of understanding and intervention that is helpful to the older adult as well as his/her family members.

Cura Care of California L.L.C. is a Southern California based company that provides all the above mentioned geriatric care management services and more. Cura Care was founded by Marla Feldman and was established about 5 years ago, and works with clients from Los Angeles to San Diego. Marla is a healthcare professional with thirty years of experience in home health and hospice. She is a Registered Nurse and has a Master’s degree in Gerontology from the USC Davis School of Gerontology. Her clients are the elderly and are usually in crisis. They want to maintain their independence but are struggling with some of the negative issues of aging. They may be dealing with multiple diagnoses, multiple physicians and multiple medications. They often are experiencing cognitive and physical changes that require significant accommodation to insure a continued quality of life. Marla’s company identifies and assembles the team required to address their challenges. This might include legal experts, caregivers, physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psycho-therapists, moving experts, realtors, general contractors, etc. They have vetted each person they recommend and they work with them to provide the client the ultimate support. After a thorough assessment, Marla’s company identifies and assembles the team to address their challenges.

What sets Cura Care apart is how they assist their clients in a holistic fashion, assessing and surrounding them with the services they need to live in the least restrictive but safest environment. According to Marla “We are highly trained fierce advocates for our clients.“ For example Marla recounted the following story of one of her clients. “Sam wanted to stay in his home after his wife of 60 years died. He needed assistance with home maintenance, house hold chores, transportation, getting his legal affairs in order, getting appointments with doctors, setting up and identifying new doctors. He has long term care insurance but was unable to get his care covered. We worked with the insurance company and now he is receiving payment for his care. We also helped him identify people to help with all of his needs. He is now living happily and independently in the home he loves.”

As a provider of home care services Optimal Senior Care Solutions is on the front line and witness to the many challenges the elderly face. We have often turned to Cura Care to provide an additional level of service that many of our clients and their families need. To speak to Marla directly call 562-217-7343.


Cura Care of California L.L.C.

Contact: Marla Feldman MAG, BSN, RN
Title: Founder & CEO

Cell: 562-217-7343




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