In response to the spread of COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus, we’ve enhanced our system of infection controls to support the safety of our clients, their families—and the caregivers who serve them. Informed by public health guidelines and best practices, Care Protect is designed to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the seasonal flu, and other infectious illnesses.

Care Protect is our system of enhanced safety protocols for better infection control:

  • New Pre-Visit Check for Care Pros
  • Many Additional Safeguards to Support Safety
  • Expanded PPE Requirements and Training

Our top priority is always the safety and well-being of our clients. Care Protect  ensures better trained and informed caregivers, new more rigorous protocols and procedures, continually updated communications in this rapidly changing environment, and a pre-visit check built into our app—so no Care Pro starts a client visit without undergoing our enhanced infection control process.

New Pre-Visit Check for Care Pros

Before entering a client’s home to start a visit, every Care Pro must answer multiple questions to be sure they’re feeling well and not at risk of exposing a client to infection. We also require Care Pros to agree to wash their hands before doing anything else at the start of the visit—and to contact us immediately if their client has any flu-like symptoms or has been in contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Additional Safeguards to Support Safety

While the coronavirus is highly contagious, following key steps and safeguards helps to mitigate the transmission of infection while supporting safe care at home.

1. Restaffing Due to Illness

If a Care Pro is sick or has a fever, they must stay home—and we don’t penalize anyone for missing a visit due to illness. We’ll immediately notify you and begin restaffing the visit, and the Care Pro will be removed from any care visits and cleared to return to work in accordance with public health guidelines.

2. Hand Washing

When arriving at a client’s home, our Care Pros are instructed via our app to wash their hands immediately before starting care.

3. Gloves

When using gloves to help a client with personal care, Care Pros are instructed to dispose of them immediately after use.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements and Training

Since PPE is in short supply, we have a full-time team dedicated to sourcing and providing hard-to-find items. All Care Pros are required to wear masks and gloves when interacting with a client who exhibits any flu-like symptoms—and they’re trained on proper PPE usage by video. PPE continues to be a requirement for Care Pros.


Our In-Home Caregivers Love Keeping Seniors Company

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