Pets provide many benefits for people, especially seniors. They can provide a lot of the support and comfort that an older loved one needs unconditionally. Like other things in life,  pet care can be more difficult as we age. This post offers tips for ways to make taking care of a pet easier for older adults.

Don’t Try to Do Everything Yourself

Pets such as dogs and cats require hands-on care such as feeding, walking, and regular vet visits. These daily tasks can be harder on older people because transportation can be an issue and being able to give a pet the amount of exercise that they require isn’t always easy. The good news is that seniors don’t have to do everything themselves. Off-load certain tasks by:

  • Purchasing an automatic feeder that dispenses healthy food at set intervals.
  • Asking a neighbor or a friend to take the dog for a long walk with a friend from time to time. This allows the dog to get exercise and gives them a change of pace.
  • Ordering heavy items such as dry dog or cat food and litter online so that they are easier to bring inside the home and manage
  • Enlist a dog trainer to resolve any behavior problems you don’t want

Keep Them Safe

Our pets can get into trouble accidentally. Keep them safe by making sure the trash in the home is secure and that any plants kept at home aren’t within easy reach of a cat or dog. Make sure that they also have proper ID. Tags are a good start, but they should also have a microchip installed. Your vet can do this for you, and it won’t harm your pet.

Take Care of Your Pets

Scheduling and taking your pet to vet appointments isn’t always easy. But scheduling your pet for an annual exam or twice-yearly exams, once they become seniors, will go a long way. If transporting them is difficult, ask a family member, friend, or caregiver if they’ll be willing to drive you. Rideshare services like Uber have started offering an UberPet service. It costs a little more than a normal ride, but it’s useful when it’s needed. Getting medical care from a vet who comes to the house is also an option. Pets may be more comfortable with an at-home visit, and it minimizes stress.

Spaying or neutering a pet not only prevents unwanted animals, but also addresses health problems as well. It reduces the risk of cancer in dogs and cats, not to mention complications from pregnancy. To help make pet care more affordable, consider pet insurance. Most pet insurance companies cover general wellness costs if you want them to, and they will cover accidents and illnesses as well.

Pets provide unconditional love and support for their senior companions. If you know a senior in Orange County, CA who could use a helping hand taking care of their pets and other household tasks, reach out to Optimal Senior Care Solutions at Optimal Senior Care Solutions at (949) 535-2211 today!