Parkour is not typically an activity associated with seniors or preventing falls. It requires strength and agility. Aging typically weakens these things in older adults. But modified parkour aims to change that by helping seniors prevent falls and improve balance, coordination, and overall health. This post explains what parkour is, how it helps prevent falls, and the lessons that parkour teaches seniors.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a practice that was originally developed in France during the 1980s. It involves using movement to overcome obstacles in the environment using both creativity and efficiency, like at a playground. As parkour continues to grow, there’s a push to make it accessible to all ages, including seniors.

How Parkour Helps with Preventing Falls

Parkour takes fall prevention and makes it fun, like teaching seniors how to step over an object while carrying something step by step. Squatting in a horseback riding position and passing a book back and forth between the legs is another example. Organizations such as PK Move, based in Virginia, saw the opportunity to create a parkour curriculum modified for older adults and people who have special needs.

Their PK Silver class focuses on strength and conditioning exercises for the core and lower body, followed by a modified parkour skill or fall prevention technique. There’s also a movement or obstacle game that helps improve balance and mindfulness at the end. They offer classes in person and online.

Lessons from Parkour

Parkour teaches people who practice it how to balance and land safely. These are critical skills that help prevent serious injury. There are many exercise and fall prevention courses out there, but they lack the fun and engagement parkour offers. If parkour sounds like a good way to stay fit, engaged, and prevent falls, find a parkour class in Newport Beach or Orange County. Make sure it is offered by a certified and experienced coach who works with seniors, or attend an online class like PK Silver.

Getting enough exercise and preventing falls at home are challenging for seniors. A trained and compassionate caregiver can make it easier to accomplish these goals. Reach out to Optimal Senior Care Solutions to learn more about the caregiving services we provide.