When an older loved one becomes ill, injured, or has a procedure, it’s common for a family member or a friend to care for them. This is known as informal care. Being an informal or family caregiver puts a lot on one person’s shoulders. Caregiving usually occurs on top of other work, family, and personal obligations. This post discusses the challenges family caregivers face, how taking time away impacts care provided to a loved one and suggestions for how to set up respite care.

The Realities of a Family Caregiver

Family caregivers must deal with a variety of situations, some more difficult than others depending on the level of care being provided. One of the most common things family caregivers forget to do is to take care of themselves. Respite care enables caregivers to do just that. It does take a bit of time and planning. But even a few hours can make a world of difference for a caregiver and prevent exhaustion, burnout, and isolation.

Why Caregivers Need to Take Time For Themselves

Support and rest are vital to a caregiver’s health and ability to care for their loved one. Without time away to rest and recharge, family caregivers may find themselves overwhelmed by their responsibilities and find that they don’t have the patience or the compassion that they should have. Taking a break will help restore focus and energy. Being a caregiver will be more enjoyable and rewarding, too.

Types of Respite Care

Respite care takes many forms. Caregivers should be able to share the responsibility of caregiving and receive some form of support for themselves. This might mean asking another friend or family member to fill in for a few hours. Organizations in the local community may be willing to send volunteers to help with care.

Hiring a professional home care agency is another way to make sure family caregivers receive consistent time off. The agency can set up dedicated hours every week or at times throughout the month to cover times when the family caregiver has to work, has engagements, or simply needs time away.

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