Senior Care in Seal Beach CA

One of the ways you can effectively follow your senior care plan is to utilize tools that help you to fulfill your goals and meet their needs. This also means finding ways to address their limitationsSenior-Care-Seal-Beach-CA and challenges in a way that does not threaten their sense of autonomy and encourages them to maintain as much of their independence as possible.

For many seniors, one such tool is a personal GPS device. The thought of your elderly loved one getting lost and not being able to get back to the house, or having a medical emergency while out and not being able to relay his location to you or to the proper emergency medical response team is frightening. You want to know that your seniors are safe and secure, but you also want to encourage them to live the highest quality of life and most active, engaged lifestyle possible. A personal GPS device can both foster independence and activity, and give you greater confidence and peace of mind that your aging loved ones are safe.

Like any other senior care tool, a personal GPS device is not something that every single elderly adult needs, or a device that will offer value to your particular care. It is important to understand the functions of this device and the potential benefits it can offer to your care plan so you can determine if this is something that you would want to use for your loved ones.


Use these guidelines to help you determine if a personal GPS device is a tool that could benefit your senior care plan for your aging loved ones:

• Wandering tendencies. Many seniors, particularly those coping with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, develop wandering tendencies. These tendencies can cause your aging loved ones to leave the home unsupervised and walk away without knowing where they are or how to get back. They can also wander away from doctors’ appointments, shopping centers, or any other location, putting them at serious risk of getting lost. A personal GPS device can alert you if your seniors leave a certain area, and give you a clear map that shows you their location so you can find them quickly;

• Anxiety. Anxiety can be a dangerous condition. A senior who is anxious may get overwhelmed while in a social or public situation and walk away, only to get lost. Anxiety can also cause a senior to feel out of control and frightened in an unfamiliar location. Having a GPS can make your senior feel more comfortable and in control, reducing anxiety and creating a greater sense of security;

• Medical emergencies. Many medical alert devices only work within a small area. Personal GPS devices, however, offer an alert button that can connect your aging loved ones with a management center that can get him the help he needs if he experiences a medical emergency while out, and ensure that the team gets to him as quickly as possible.


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