Everyone needs help at one point or another. But sometimes help is difficult to accept, particularly for seniors who are resistant to care. The reasons for resistance stem from feeling out of control, fear of losing their independence, and having to accept new people into their lives as care providers. This article talks about reasons for care resistance among seniors and how to cope.

Causes of Resistance

If a senior is resisting care it’s often for specific reasons. Loss is a significant one. An older person who has to contend with the loss of physical health, mental functioning, independence, or the loss of a spouse may resist care. This may occur out of concern, guilt, or anger that they might be a burden to family or friends. Stubbornness is another reason why seniors resist care. Or they may think that it’s a sign of weakness to accept help. Worries about the cost of care also factor into not wanting care.

How to Help Seniors Resistant to Care

The key to helping an older adult accept a caregiver is to make them feel comfortable. Reassure them that accepting help is important for their well-being.  professional caregivers are not there to replace existing family or friends who may already provide assistance. Professional caregivers are familiar with seniors who are reluctant to accept care. Part of the care process is creating a care plan together with the caregiving agency. The care plan enables every member of the care team to come up with solutions together, and it might be able to address a few causes of resistance.

The Limits of Care

Seniors who continue to resist care and have all of their facilities are within their rights to refuse care, If they do present a danger to themselves, consider calling in a professional like a doctor or care manager to help.

Accepting the assistance of a caregiver isn’t easy. Optimal Senior Care Solutions understands this dilemma and works with seniors and families in Orange County and Newport Beach, CA to create a care plan everyone is comfortable with. Our senior care experts are ready to help find a care solution. Reach out to us today!